iPhone 4 Unlock is Ready to Release: Confirmed by iPhone Dev Team

Finally a member of iPhone Dev Team has made it clear that iPhone 4 unlocking tool is coming in the next few weeks. The tool is in the final stage of development and unlock is ready to release.

unlock for iphone 4

Though this news is not new but here is another tweet from Musclenerd, who is iPhone Dev Team member, that confirms the unlock is ready.

Full i4 bars with custom “steve” background task spitting out “One more thing” http://is.gd/doJXt – all pieces in place:)

It is to be noted that this unlock will be applicable to those devices who have updated to iOS 4. Apple has also delayed the new update iOS 4.1 / iOS 4.0.1 to find the bugs which are being used by hackers to make such unlocking and jailbreaking tools.

On the other side GeoHot is reluctant to release the new jailbreak tool for iOS 4. The reasons behind this delay are still not clear, however other jailbreaking tools like redsnow, snowbreeze and Pwnage are already available for certain iOS4 upgraded devices.

Stay tuned for more news on iPhone 4 unlocking.

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