Comparison Between Google Nexus S and iPhone 4

Yesterday Google announced a new mobile Google Nexus S which will come with pre-installed android 2.3 (Gingerbread). Google Nexus S will be sold unlocked and carrier-free after December 16.

This comparison between iPhone 4 and Nexus S covers mainly technical specifications/hardware of both devices. As far as operating system/software is concerned, iPhone 4 runs on iOS 4+ while Google Nexus S will be shipped with Android 3.0.

Google Nexus S (image taken from Nexus S official site)
iPhone 4 (image taken from iPhone 4 official site)
iPhone 4 (image taken from iPhone 4 official site)

Size, Weight and Display:

Connectivity and Sensors:

Processor and Memory:


Camera and Multimedia:


Battery and Operating System:

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3 Replies

  1. Noonesays:

    I have a Desire with 2.2 and iPhone4 with 4.01. In everyday use are same story. iPhone is new, so battery is best then on 3GS and also better then Desire have. Handling with software on Desire is much simpler and better then on iPhone & one more thing, Desire is never go to restart or remaining frozen. Also, Desire you can use like memory stick without restarting (by default), so try that with iPhone :-), tethering is on one click also. Best regards …

  2. Varaprasadsays:

    Nothing more than an iphone 4

  3. Kevinsays:

    For me, iPhone 4 is better :)

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