Web Browser Speed Test: iPhone 4 vs WP 7 vs Google Nexus One [video]

When it comes to internet browsing, the users prefer those mobile which have fast and improved web browsers equipped with latest technology like flash, HTML 5 etc. When we compare the browser of iPhone 4 with others, the important feature we find missing is “Flash”. However, hackers and developers have also found the way to run flashed based content on iPhone provided your phone is jailbroken, and you can learn here how to enable the flash on iPhone 4.


Apart from the latest technology, browser speed matters a lot too for some users. Pocketnow brings an exclusive video of web browser speed test comparison among Windows Phone 7, Google Nexus One and iPhone 4.

In this video Google Nexus One is running on Froyo 2.2, iPhone 4 on iOS 4.x and WP 7 on a test OS. According to the video the Web Browser of WP 7 is doing a good job, and we can also expect more improvements and enhancements in the final release but still this single video can not be decisive.

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