Will iPhone 5 / iOS 5 Support Real World Multi-Player Games?

A rumor is spreading around the internet town that iOS 5 and/or iPhone 5 will get the real world multi-player gaming APIs. Some iPhone games,like Gunman use this type of technology but these games have to use its own images and techniques to work.

However, Apple wants to go one step higher in the case of iPhone 5. The company is planning to introduce Foursquare-type experience in which two iPhone users will be able to interact on the basis of real location, orientation, position and direction in games and apps.

With this new technology iOS developers can use real-time data of connected idevices in the gaming environment.

The most obvious implementation would be a first person “shooter” game like Gunman, where developer uses this newly available data to determine whether another player is in a shooting range and place “gun” crosshairs on him. But with the device state data shared in real-time via 3G network, creation of games that merge virtual and real world are much wider and can spawn a whole new class of social apps.

If Apple introduces new set of APIs in iOS 5 to share the state of the idevice for game developers, iPhone users will be the first to enjoy the real-time gaming experience.

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