iPhone 5 Or iPhone 4S? Pictures Revealed Of A Larger Screened iPhone

As summer approaches, rumors regarding iPhone gain momentum due to the fact that Apple rolls out a newer version every year during this time frame, which has been the case with the last four versions of  Apple’s iPhone. Although it is pretty clear that this year iPhone 5 would be rolled out a little late because of the imminent release of the white iPhone 4 as we had reported earlier, odd looking iPhone look a-likes keep cropping up on the webosphere. But hey, who’s complaining?

Now we have no way to determine whether these are actually legitimate or not but M.I.C Gadget claims that there are indeed the pictures of iPhone 4S which is supposedly a iPhone prototype with an A5 chip available to select developers who are running it through benchmarking tests.



But if you look closely, the second device has a larger edge-To-edge screen which is visibly wider and longer than the iPhone 4S and the bigger screen has also been known to be not present on the iPhone 4S while at the same time rumors suggest that the iPhone 5 would incorporate a larger screen, a newer bezel and proximity sensor which seem to be preset on the device in the picture. So just for the sake of comparison we will term the unknown handset as the iPhone 5 prototype.

But it is clear that all of this is nothing more than fetishes of Apple fanatics and is long long way from any official announcements or indications from Apple. But feel free to droll over them if you must.

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