iPhone 5 Parts: Back Cover, Camera, Battery, Power Flex, Buzzer and Volume Flex Leaked

We have already written few articles about the specifications of upcoming iPhone 5 based on some rumors and some leaked parts of front and back covers of iPhone 5. This time we are going to share some more images of internal parts of this “World iPhone 5“. These images are posted on MacPost.

According to MacPost, the images of White Back Cover, Volume Flex, rear Camera lens, Front Camera, Buzzer and battery were sent to them by a Chinese supplier “Truemaxcn”.

Among these the most important and interesting image is of front cover which clearly shows ETV2 (Engineering Verification Test) written on it along with date.

iPhone 5 Back and Front Cover

A reference “N94” is also marked on the front cover. N94 was first found in iOS 5 SDK by 9to5Mac and it is believed that N94 is the codename/internal name of next generation iPhone 5. We couldn’t find a better conclusion about N94 than what is posted on MacRumors.

What’s most revealing about this part is that it is actually labeled with the internal model number “N94”. N94 is the model number for what we believe to be a next-generation iPhone. N94 first appeared in SDK code back in iOS 4.3. At the time, the N94 was identified as supporting an A5 processor — that’s the same processor found in the iPad 2.

Meanwhile, the AT&T iPhone 4 carries the model designation N90 while the Verizon iPhone 4 is called the N92. Both current iPhone 4 models use the slower A4 processor.

We also heard about the N94 in April when BGR claimed that it had a photo of a prototype N94 that supported T-Mobile’s 3G service. They showed photos of the device at the time. What’s interesting to note now is that as best as we can tell, that prototype iPhone had a visible antenna break at the bottom left, and no antenna break in the top left — just like the iPhone 4, but also just like the leaked antenna parts we posted yesterday. (Unfortunately, the other side of the device is not visible in any of the shots.)

So, here’s what we think we know about the N94, based on the circulating rumors

• It looks like an iPhone 4
• Has a redesigned antenna
• Supports T-Mobile
• A5 Processor

So is the N94 the actual iPhone 5? Possibly.

Here are the images of other parts of iPhone 5:

iPhone 5 Battery


iPhone 5 Camera Part
iPhone 5 Part: Buzzer
iPhone 5 Power Flex
iPhone 5 Volume Flex

Well, we can’t say wether these images are real at this point; but if Gizmodo could find a lost iPhone 4 in a bar then why a Chinese site cannot get the parts.

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  1. Ahmedra2olsays:

    this is not iphone 5 this is iphone 4S

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