Sprint to Offer Unlimited Data Plan to iPhone 5 Users, Blackout Issued for First Half of October

You would probably know about the upcoming product of the tech giant Apple, iPhone 5, unless you live under a rock or something.You must know about the upcoming iPhone even if you are not an Apple fan but you have any one of modern smartphone. Rumors are flying around the globe about the yet-to-be-released iPhone 5, but a small picture of the next generation iPhone can be grabbed from these rumors. Though the release date is still not confirmed, but it is most likely to be released in the mid October according to some sources.

iPhone 5

Even from now on, all the major carriers in US are trying to lure customers to buy the new iPhone from it such as AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. Sprint has been reported to provide unlimited data plans to its customers at the launch of iPhone 5. Unlimited data plans allow users to pay a fixed amount of fee once in a month, and use unlimited amount of bandwidth. As the use of smartphone spreads, the use of cellular network has also spread, and has resulted in many carriers to discontinue their unlimited data plans due to load on their network with the only exception of Sprint.


Sprint has reported losing customers due to losses in operating. But this is a tempting offer, with a great smartphone like the iPhone 5 + unlimited data plans.

This would be a great thing if it does happen, as the report is still unconfirmed so don’t put too much faith in it, but don’t lose your hope too.

Hey, wait! We have another leak which reveals that the carrier is blacking out employee vacations for the first half of October. The internal Spint memo indicates one thing clear that we are getting iPhone 5 through Spint too this time.

If you combine the rumor and the leaked document, you will get the same conclusion as we get: Spring iPhone 5 with Unlimited Data Plan in Mid-October.

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