iPhone 5C Pre-Order Page Goes Live

Apple unveiled the new iPhone having the external body made up of plastic (polycarbonte) on special event held on Tuesday, September 10. iPhone 5C comes in different colors and you can place a pre-order of your desired colour through Apple’s store or the authorised carriers’ stores.


When comparing the specifications of iPhone 5C with original iPhone 5, we don’t see any difference except the new casing. If you have already got iPhone 5, we wouldn’t suggest to go for pre-order unless you are a big lover of any specific colour.

iPhone 5c comes in five different colors:

Pre-Order iPhone 5c

  • White
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Green

It is priced at $99 with 16GB capacity and $199 with 32GB capacity. Walmart has got another option for those users who are looking for cheaper iPhone 5C. They are offering it at $79 (20% discount) if you pre-order the phone through their store.

Unlocked and SIM free iPhone 5C are also available through Apple Store which costs $549 and $649 having 16GB and 32GB capacity respectively.

iPhone 5c - Buy iPhone 5c

If you want to get iPhone 5S, which sports now A7 processor, faster than the previous version, fingerprint sensor and better camera, you’ll have to wait a litter longer because the pre-order of this phone will start from September 20.

You can now pre-order iPhone 5C using the following links:

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