Opera Mini for iPhone gets Update

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Opera Mini, the fastest growing browser for iPhone users, has been updated to v5.0.1. The new version of opera mini for iPhone bring many bug fixes and stability.

This is the first update after it was accepted by Apple for its store. If you are not familiar with this browser, some important features of opera mini for iPhone are:

  • Speed: Up to 6 times faster browsing, especially on slower or crowded networks.
  • Data Savings: Compress up to 90% of data traffic.
  • Speed Dial: Get to your favorite Web sites with a single tap.
  • Visual Tabs: See all your open Web pages and quickly switch between them.
  • Opera Link: Synchronize your bookmarks and Speed Dial with a Desktop PC or other mobile phone.

Changes in new version are:

  • The problems due to certain networks and the stuck at first startup have been fixed.
  • A new language “Hungarian” is added.
  • Language fallback is now set to English instead of Arabic.
  • Various other bugs are fixed with stability improvements.

Download opera mini for iphone:

Opera mini v5.0.1 can be download from Apple’s App Store free of cost.

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