iPod Touch 4G vs iPhone 4 – Speed Performance Test [video]

You will be thinking that iPhone 4 is much better than iPod Touch 4G especially when the criteria is performance. But this is not true according to this video shared by iSpazio. When we compare the hardware related to performance, the only difference we find is RAM which is 512MB in iPhone 4 while iPod Touch has got 256 MB RAM like iPad.

iPhone 4 vs iPod touch 4G

Though the video confirms that the performance of iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G is same but one thing that is not shown in this video is multitasking and this is the area where iPhone 4 will be stong. That means: if I open five different apps one right after the other on my iPhone 4, there is a better chance I’ll be able to jump back to the first app without any wait, while the iPod touch will most likely have to launch that first app again. But, besides that, the two devices do perform virtually the same.

If you have also got these both iDevices, please share you experience with us by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Coldragonsays:

    Thank’s ^^ Just 256mo of ram T-T I think it’s not for the price they done it >< (Just for buy a new itouch in 2 years xD) My itouch "3G" 8go is a 2G and i must buy a new itouch for the new games (and the camera o/ (Ok it's bad but for app with camera it's useful)Nobody know how have a iphone 4 low price ? T-T it’s realy expensiveThanks again ^^

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