iTunes 10 with new Logo Announced by Apple – Available to Download

At the Apple annual media event, a new version of iTunes 10 with new logo was also announced. The new logo is just a circle with 8th notes in it. In iTunes 10 Apple announces a new feature called “Ping“. Ping is a new social place like twitter and facebook. You can follow your friends, artists, discover music they are talking about, listening and downloading.

itunes 10 download with ping

You can also get a custom top 10 charts based on the stuff you follow. In ping you can follow and followed back and you can also reject the request of any follower too. You can also set you status private or public, in fact the privacy is very simple in this new iTunes.

In iTunes 10 you can also post comments on songs and artists photos etc. The important feature of iTunes 10 is that it is now available  on computer as well besides iPhone, iPod etc.

Download iTunes 10:

You can Download iTunes 10 from Apple website free.

Here is direct download link to iTune 10. This direct link is for Mac OS. Wait for windows, or use the above link to download from Apple website.

Update 1: Finally here is the direct download links for Windows Users.

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