iTunes 11 Available for Download Now


Apple has just released the new and major update of iTunes 11 which is available for download on Apple’s official site. If you visit the iTunes’s official page, you will see the download link for iTunes 11. But in case you still see the old version, then you’ll have to wait few hours because the change propagation may take some time for your region.

Alternatively you can also get the update notification through Software Update present in Mac OS X. Windows users will also get the update popup when they launch the existing iTunes version.


Yesterday Wall Street Journal disclosed the exact release date in its article and now we can say they were right.

iTunes 11 brings a lot of changes as promised during the iPhone 5 launch event. It is completely redesigned to provide smooth and hassle free experience. To unify the features an attempt is made by introducing the iOS-like folders for Albums.

itunes 11

Search bar is also improved to provide the inline search result without leaving the current page. Up Next option is also inlined to see the upcoming songs and to reorder them.

The official changelog states:

iTunes now features simplified views of exactly what you want. Looking for an album? Click Music and that’s all you’ll see. Do the same for movies, TV shows, apps — and everything else. It’s browsing made more intuitive.

Mini Player is also included in this release along with redesigned iTune Store. Check and download iTunes 11 here. If you don’t see the new version, come back later to that page and reload it.

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