Jailbreak Apple TV 2G iOS 4.2.2 (iOS 4.3) with PwnageTool [Guide]

Few hours ago Apple released iOS 4.3 (iOS 4.2.2) for second generation Apple TV after fixing audio and video related bugs, but thanks to @ion1c who has successfully ported his untethered jailbreak exploit to this update. To make the untethered jailbreak process easy for Apple TV 2G users, MuscleNerd has just released a new PwnageTool bundle for iOS 4.2.2.

You can follow the following step by step guide to get the untethered jailbreak on your AppleTV2G.

Step 1: Download PwnageTool Right click on it and then click on “Show Package Contents”.

Step 2: Navigate to this path /Contents/Resources/FirmwareBundles and paste the PwnageTool bundle here, which you can download from this link.

Step 3: Close the folder and launch modified PwnageTool.

Step 4: Select Apple TV 2G from PwnageTool and browse for iOS 4.3 (iOS 4.2.2).

Step 5: Click on blue colored arrow to go to next step.

Step 6: Now hit the Build button to cook the custom jailbroken iPSW file for your Apple TV 2G. Save the custom-cooked file on desktop.

Step 7: Once your iPSW has been built you will be asked to connect your ATV with the computer. When it detects PwnageTool bundle will guide you through the steps to put your device into DFU mode. Or follow this guide to enter DFU mode:

  • Plugin your Apple TV with microUSB.
  • Hold menu + down button together for 6 secs to reboot.
  • Once your Apple TV reboots immediately hold menu + play together until a message appears in iTunes telling you an Apple TV in recovery mode has been detected.

Step 8: After your device is in DFU mode, launch iTunes and restore custom iOS 4.2.2 on your ATV. Once done, you will be rebooted with jailbroken iOS 4.3 on your second generation Apple TV.

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  1. asterisksays:

    hy anyone knows how compile and mount asterisk pbx on the atv2

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