How to Jailbreak Apple TV2G Untethered on iOS 4.2.1 with Greenpoison RC6 [Guide]

Earlier today Chronic Dev Team released an updated version RC 6 of Greenpois0n to bring untethered jailbreak support to second generation Apple TV (Apple TV 2G) running on iOS 4.2.1 (shown as iOS 4.1.1 on ATV2).

If your ATV2 is already having tethered jailbreak state, you can run Greenpoison RC6 on it to convert tethered jailbreak to untethered jailbreak.

Step by Step Guide:

Step 1: Download Greenpoison RC6 and extract it.

Step 2: Launch Greenpoison. A pop-up window will appear asking if you want to jailbreak Apple TV 2, click Yes.

Step 3: Click on “Prepare to jailbreak (DFU)” button.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instruction to put your device into DFU mode.

  • Plug Apple TV in to USB and wait for 7 seconds.
  • Plug in Powser adapter and wait for 3 seconds.
  • Press and hold Menu and Play/Pause button for 7 seconds.
  • Release both buttons

If the above method doesn’t work, you can also try the following steps to get DFU mode.

  • Plug power and USB cables into Apple TV 2.
  • Plug USB cable into your PC.
  • Hold down the menu and down buttons on your Apple TV remote for about 7 seconds, until the light flashes quickly.
  • Now hold down menu and play button for 7 sec until light flashes quickly.

Step 5: Once ATV2 is in DFU mode, press the “Jailbreak” button.

Step 6: After you see “Jailbreak Complete” message, keep plugged your device with PC via USB cable for 40 seconds.

Enjoy a untethered jailbroken Apple TV 2G. Now you can install third party softwares.

If anything goes wrong, restore to fresh stock iOS 4.2.1 (iOS 4.1.1) firmware and retry.

Disclaimer: This guide is posted for educational purposes only. We are not responsible for any type of damage.

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5 Replies

  1. Nuca13says:

    After jailbreak my tv is showing “no signal”
    Somebody else had same problem?

    1. Well this issue has been resolved in the latest PwnageTool 4.2. And new version of Seas0nPass is also coming soon with fixed WiFi issue.

  2. Maikrotexsays:

    i jailbreaked bevor with season pass and now with rc6.
    it doesn´t show my network:( is that normal?
    the other problem is that i became no cydia or greenpoison menu…

  3. Ericj00says:

    I cant jailbreak my apple tv… I dont know if its that my computer doesnt read the apple tv with the usb cable or what…

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