PlayStation 3 Jailbreak / Hack is now Possible with iPhone and iPod Touch [Videos]

Last time we shared the step by step guide to jailbreak PlayStation 3 with an android based mobile phone, but now a jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch can also be used for PS3 jailbreaking / hacking. Currently only three iDevices can perform this job, namely: iPhone EDGE (the first iPhone introduced by Apple), iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 1G.

jailbreak PS3 with iPhone

However jailbreaking PlayStation 3 with iPhone or iPod is not as simple as with android mobile. The requirements for this method include VMware player, Ubuntu 4.10, OpeniBoot, PS3FreedomĀ  for iPod Touch, WinScp, and iFunBox. You can get the download links for all these softwares from here and read all the instruction posted by NTauthority who developed this hacking method.

The PS3 hacking with iPhone/iPod can be seen in action in these videos:

Disclaimer: This post is only for testing purpose. Never try it if you don’t know what you are going to do. Hacking/modding/jailbreaking PS3 can result in banning your console from PSN (playstation network).

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