iOS 6 Jailbreak to Require Additional Exploits to Bypass KASLR


Apple’s newly announced iOS 6 contains an extra layer of security which makes the existing exploits and jailbreaks inactive and inoperative. This new security layer is called KASLR.


I don’t know right now what the “K” is abbreviation for but ASLR, which means Address Space Layout Randomization, is already present in iOS 5. However, the hackers have successfully bypassed ASLR layer several times in previous jailbreaks. But to make the existing jailbreak tools like Rocky Racoon workable on this new iOS 6, the hackers and researchers will need some additional exploits and hacks to bypass this new layer.

Veeence and i0nic, who are prominent iOS security researchers also confirmed the present of KASLR in iOS 6. Veeence goes further by adding few more words about iOS 6 jailbreak with Rocky Racoon.


So what is the short version of the Apple Keynote? There is iOS 6 beta 1 with KASLR, which is no surprise…


No. iOS 6 is not compatible with the Rocky Racoon exploits. iOS 6 now as KASLR, a new security layer (anti-JB), so new exploits are needed.

On the other side the recent interview of Pod2g, who developed Rocky Racoon and Absinthe iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak, indicates the Chronic and iPhone Dev Teams have some secret weapons for this upcoming iOS.

Pod2g said:

We won’t give up on jailbreaking iOS devices because this is too important for us and we already have a part of the jailbreak for iOS 6 and we will be ready right on time for it. […]

We will not give you the exact recipe, but we have other exploits that we won’t release at any time. This is our secret. It allows us to inject stuff into new devices and to start dumping the memory. When we have the dumps, we look at different ways of finding the vulnerability.

From these pieces of information one can easily conclude that the release of jailbreak for iOS 6 on  iPhone 4S, iPad 3 and iPad 2 won’t happen anytime soon. Event the iOS 6 jailbreak for older devices having bootrom level exploit like iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS may be delayed due to this added security.

What do you think? And do you know what is meant by “K” in KASLR?

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  1. Xman2104says:

    does it give somthing like rocky raccoon for ios 6? i need it!

  2. C9t4lystsays:

    Kernel Address space layout randomization

  3. C9t4lystsays:

    Kernel Address space layout randomization

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