[Updated] Jailbreak iPad 2 Including 3G Models Right Now Using Comex’s PDF files

We hope you might have read our last post about iPad 2 jailbreak drama where one of beta testers leaked the PDF files of Comex jailbreak method. Though the links have already been removed but some lucky guys managed to download and save these files locally. However, some models including iPad 2 3G remained unjailbreakable even with these files.


Update: Official JailbreakMe 3.0 to jailbreak iPad 2 and other idevices is now live.

Ryan Vanniekerk has just posted a detailed method explaining how you can achieve jailbreak state on your iPad 2 3G model using a local webserver on MacBook Pro running on Mac OS X Lion. The tutorial is very simple and can be run on any Mac machine running on Mac OS Snow Leopard/Lion. If you are a windows user, you can modify this tutorial to make it work on the operating system of your PC/laptop.

A few days ago someone by the handle of appreviewerwill managed to get his hands on a working version of the previously unreleased iPad 2 “jailbreakme” files. He quickly leaked a video with instructions on how to run the jailbreak and link to a site owned by Ryan Lobbins.

The jailbreak remained live and functioning for a number of hours before Comex caught on and subsequently removed the files from the offending server.

After a bit of digging I happened across a relatively inconspicuous comment that lead me to believe that the “unable to download jailbreak files” was attempting to connect directly to Comex’s server (located at in order to download the existing jailbreak files. However, the files attempting to be downloaded were the exact same files that had already been leaked earlier in the day, they simply existed in a separate location.

My first thought was to spoof a local webserver with the same IP that the jailbreak is connecting to in order to make it look for the files there instead. After a bit of tinkering around I finally managed to bypass the 403 error and successfully jailbreak my iPad 2!

If you think you are expert enough to handle these tricks, you can visit this tutorial for complete step by step guide.

NOTE: We don’t recommend you to follow these unofficial methods because they might cause any type of damage to your PC or iPad 2. It is better to wait for official release of JailbreakMe (iPad 2 jailbreak) which might happen any time today (or tomorrow).

Update: Comex has just informed hist twitter followers that jailbreak for iPad 2 will support only iOS 4.3.3 version. He also advised all those users who are still on iOS 4.3.2 or iOS 4.3.1 to update their idevices to iOS 4.3.3 to make their devices compatible and ready for his next generation jailbreak. He further says that he might add support for iOS 4.3.1, iOS 4.3.2 and iOS 4.2.1 later.

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