When Will Jailbreak for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Be Released?


These days we are getting a lot of emails and messaging on our twitter and facebook accounts and all messages contain almost similar type of questions.¬†When will jailbreak for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus be releases? I want to replace my iPhone with iPhone 6 or 6plus model, but I can’t live without jailbreak. Would the pangu team update their tool just after the public release of iOS 8 and would their tool be compatible with bigger models? …. and so on.


First we want to share a little bit about jailbreak process and then we will discuss about the ETA of jailbreak.

Jailbreak on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus:

Broadly speaking, all jailbreaks could be categorized into two groups: hardware based and software based. Hardware based jailbreak is also called as bootrom level jailbreak whereas software based is sometimes referred as Kernel exploitation jailbreak.

Hardware based jailbreak depends on an exploit found in the main chip or bootrom of the device. This type of exploit is very difficult to find but once it is discovered, it makes the device jailbreakable for whole life as Apple can’t patch it by issuing a software update.

On the other hand software based jailbreak depends on the exploits found in the operating system of the device. These exploits are relatively easy to find and at the same time easy to fix. Most of the jailbreaks fall under this category. Most probably the upcoming jailbreak for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus would also be based on a kernel exploit.

The other advantage of software based jailbreak, besides being easy to be discovered, is that it could easily be converted into a universal jailbreak. For example, if you find an exploit by using your iPhone 5S running on iOS 8, you could make it run on iPhone 6 (Plus) after making few changes in the code. Whereas the bootrom level exploit is specific to device and it can’t be used for other devices.

Keeping in view that Apple also introduced new chip, that is A8, in the bigger models, hackers and security researchers would try to attack on iOS instead of bootrom to find the useful exploit for jailbreak.

So the next jailbreak on iPhone 6 models would also be a software based.

Expected iPhone 6 (Plus) Jailbreak Release Date:

Now we come to the main question: when will the jailbreak for iPhone 6 variants be available for download?

When we look at the previously released jailbreaks, we see the team which releases the most recent jailbreak tries hard to develop the next jailbreak too. Recently we saw a new jailbreak “Pangu” from chinese developers; and we have reports the team is committed to work on next jailbreak too. Even we have also seen some success, though not up to promising level, in the development of iOS 8 jailbreak. However, we don’t have any confirmation from the official team.


These days the jailbreak teams try hard to keep the every bit of update secret so that Apple doesn’t patch the exploits in the next update. So we can’t give you the exact date and time of iOS 8 (iPhone 6) jailbreak. But what I guess is that the next jailbreak would be released in December, most probably just before or after Christmas. Keeping in view the previous track record, the important untethered jailbreaks were released during that period and we are confident the community will try hard, this time too, to develop the jailbreak before the month of December ends.

We’d advise those users who can’t live without jailbreak but can live without bigger screen to wait few more weeks. We’d definitely get more information once iPhone 6 and 6 plus running on iOS 8 are in the hands of security developers. However, if you can afford to keep another iPhone model, just go and get it now.

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