PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.50 Jailbreaked Using X3 Max Dongle [Video]

It’s a breaking news. Team X3 has managed to jailbreak Playstation 3 official firmware 3.50 using the X3 Max PS3 dongle. This is the first time PS firmware 3.50 has been jailbroken directly without needing any downgrading.

Previously, you had to downgrade the PS3 firmware 3.50 to jailbreakable 3.41 version, but now Team X3 has found a solution to run homebrew applications on official firmware 3.50 without downgrading.

This new jailbreak method is still under testing, however  everyone wants to get the answers of these two questions before its release.

Games like Gran Turismo 5 (requires firmware 3.50) work?
This update is compatible with the X3max? Is it free?

According to Logic Sunrise sources, this PS 3 jailbreak will be free with full X3Mac compatibility.

We have that kind of information on LS in a few hours, but the feedback I have from them show a free and compatibility with X3max with an update, but I prefer to have confirmation. Until we have more information, a video of the feat.

Here is official 3.50 jailbreak in action:

We will inform you as the latest updates come. So stay tuned to this blog via Twitter or Facebook to get the latest updates.

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4 Replies

  1. Spamiser69says:

    @badass: this is looking like not spoof. see in the game section of the xmb. there are installed applications like on the psp. make your eyes open, will let u talk not so much bullshit.

  2. badasssays:

    this look’s like a fake my ps3 is jb with hermes v4 and spoof and shows 3.50 like this one
    to prove it real nest time show a gt5 backup running

  3. Anonymoussays:

    What was the point?

  4. guestsays:

    the “homebrew applications” must have some kind of a problem… or was simply the wrong link…

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