Jay “Saurik” Freeman Explains The Pro’s Of Jailbreaking iOS Devices In Video

Nowadays iOS jailbreaking is pretty common and anyone having bare minimum computer knowledge can easily jailbreak their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to break away from the limitations Apple has placed and fully unleash the functionality of their devices. But you would be surprised to know that many people don’t even know what jailbreak really is, and then there are some who are reluctant to jailbreak their device for some reason or another. Jay Freeman, the guy behind the jailbreak app store Cydia, has come out with a video explaining the benefits of jailbreaking one’s device.

In this video Freeman a.k.a Saurik tells about the benefits of jailbreaking one’s iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch while simultaneously showing some modifications on his jailbroken iPhone 4. He displayed a modified home screen which would appeal to those looking for ways to add a little extra zing to their phones. He also told about various tweaks such as a Twitter app which is activated from the status bar of the iPhone when swiped downwards with a finger.


[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSePkhbpZIE&feature=player_embedded’]


There are people who are new to jailbreaking and wonder whether it’s actually worth the trouble to do it. But those who do know about it acknowledge the fact that jailbreaking opens up access to a lot of customization options which enable you to personalize your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to a great extent and also provide apps and tools which greatly increase productivity as well.

The process of jailbreaking is so simple that it literally takes no more than a few clicks and is fully restorable. Check out our really simple step by step tutorials to jailbreak your device to the latest firmware today. Links are given below.

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