How to Kick iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Out of Recovery Mode After Downgrading iOS 4.3 to iOS 4.2.1

Last week Apple released iOS 4.3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices and as you know once you have updated your device to this new version, you can’t restore to previous iOS version.

iOS downgrading is possible only if you have SHSH blobs saved on cydia server for iOS to which you are downgrading. So if you have already saved SHSH blobs for iOS 4.2.1, you can restore to iOS 4.2.1 easily.

The only problem which you face after downgrading iOS 4.3 to iOS 4.2.1 is Recovery Loop. Every time you turn on the iDevice you see “Connect to iTunes” image on it and when you connect it to PC, iTunes recognizes recovery mode on your device instead of activating it.

Here is how you can get rid of this “Recovery Loop”.

The step by step guide to downgrade iOS 4.3 to iOS 4.2.1 on iPhone, iPod and iPad is written here.

Method 1: Using Fix Recovery

Notcom, the developer behind TinyUmbrella has released a new tool called Fix Recovery that allows you to kick your device out of Recovery mode after downgrading iOS 4.3 to iOS 4.2.1. Fix Recovery is available for both Windows and Mac users.


After putting your device into DFU mode, connect it to PC and run Fix recovery tool to bypass “Connect to iTunes” message. Follow the steps mentioned below to put your device into DFU mode.

  • Turn off your iPhone/iPa.
  • Now press Power button and as soon as you seen Apple Logo, press Home button while keeping Power button pressed too.
  • Keep holding down both button for about 10 seconds.
  • After 10 sec, release Power button but keep holding Home button. You should keep the PC volume high to hear New Device Detection sound.
  • Let go the Home button. At this point your iPhone screen should be blank (black in color).


  • Download Fix Recovery for Mac and Windows

Method 2: Using Greenpois0n

If this above method doesn’t work, you can use Greenpois0n to kick iDevice out of recovery loop. It will not only remove the “Recovery Loop” problem but also jailbreak your device. Simply put your device into DFU mode and run Greenpois0n. You can find detailed instructions on “How to Jailbreak with Greenpois0n” in our this post.

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  1. Johnsays:

    Hello, I am having a major problem with my iphone 3gs firmware 4.3.3 i jail break it  a few weeks ago it was working fine until until i accidentally upgraded it on Itune where it change to firmware 4.3.4. However after it was upgraded to the firmware 4.3.4 cydia was gone not opening at all anymore so  i try to jailbreak it again as a result of that it stuck to the recovery mode for the longest and i cannot exit. I’ve tried the irecovery, tinyumbrella, IReb and recboot but none of those works. Is there any other solution anyone might know that i can used to exit out of recovery mode. Please i need to use my iphone again.

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