Latest Apps for Tracking Hurricane-Irene, Feel Safe

Hurricane Irene, the hurricane striking destruction in America for the last few days, swept over Eastern South Carolina. According to forecasters, the hurricane dropped down to Category 1 storm with maximum speed of 85mph, but still it can cast enough destruction to be going on with.

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Apps To Keep You Safe:-

App developers have been working on apps for tracking hurricane irene. Some latest Top rated apps are:-

The Weather Channel (Free):-

Almost everyone knows about the Weather Channel. The Weather Channel  allows you browse local weather alerts, open interactive maps with radar, and view forecasts by the hour or even the next ten days. This app is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry for free.

The Weather Channel

Hurricane (2.99$):-

This app is one of the most top rated app available in the App Store for tracking hurricanes. This app informs you of how far you are from the hurricane from various points. This app also provides you with detailed video updates related to the Hurricane. This app is available at the price of 2.99$, at a discount of 25%.

Hurricane Express (1.99$):-

This app is also developed by the developer of the Hurricane. This is the Lite version of Hurricane. This app is available for 1.99$.(iTunes Link)

Emergency Radio Or Police Scanner (1.99$):-

This useful little app allows you to tune into police, fire, EMS, railroad, air traffic, NOAA weather, and coast guard effortless.  This app will keep you updated. This app is available for 1.99$ for iOS, but Android users can use Scanner Radio(free) or Scanner Radio Pro(2.99$) which are quite similar to Emergency Radio.

Emergency Radio

NOAA Radar US (1.99$):-

It is an app which is updated every 5 minutes from over 150 NEXRAD radar stations. So it is one of the most quickly updated app and is known as the “fastest loading animated radar app”. This app will help you retreive the latest NOAA data. Although this app is restricted for iOS users only, Android users could use NOAA Radar and Alerts.


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