Let iOS 7 Notifications Speak on iPhone and iPad with this Cydia Tweak

More and more iPhone tweaks are being released everyday to give you full control on iOS 7 which would be otherwise impossible on stock firmware without a jailbreak. ‘Speak Notifications’ is one of those ultimate tweaks.  After you have enabled it, you don’t need to unlock your iPhone and read the notifications. It allows you to listen every notification.

This tweak is very customizable. You can listen to Facebook alerts, emails, messages and even game center invitations without touching the device. It can be enabled per app basis or according to your time management. It can automatically be started during a specific time-window period.

Speak Notifications also gives the opportunity to add your own voice message. You can insert your custom message before the notification, before the title, subtitle or after them. It can also be triggered on according to a specific condition. You can enable it with:

  • Bluetooth only
  • Earphones only
  • Specific Time-window
  • A specific app

The other options are more bonuses with this tweak. You can disable the notification alert sound when Speak Notification is enabled. You can also cancel it any time using the sleep button.

The compatibility of Speak Notifications with music player is another plus point of it. It will pause the music during the notification and will resume it when the notification is finished.

This iPhone tweak is tested on all iOS 7+ models and found working on all of them. Moreover, Siri is not required to work it. However the banners should be enabled for proper functioning of the applications.

You may have guessed from the features of it that this tweak is a pro tweak. So, you’ll have to pay $1.49 to get it on your jailbroken device.

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