Limesn0w to Unlock iOS 4.1 on latest Baseband is Coming!

Limesnow is coming to Unlock iOS 4.1. Rumors are floating around the web that Geohot is working on a new type of unlock that will make the iDevices free from any carrier on latest iOS 4.1.

This news came out when an image of iPhone 4 with new unlock was posted on an Italian weblog. If we view the image in full resolution, we don’t find any sign that the image is modified with specific softwares.

In any case, if GeoHot is working to provide the unlock for baseband 2.10.04 and 5.15.01 to users who have updated their iPhone SIM-locked to the firmware 4.1, it is a really great news and it is a great return on stage for one of the biggest hacker of all time.


When we looked up the Whois Record for domain, we discovered that the domain was registered to Geohot. So it also confirms the news that something is being cooked behind the wall to unlock iOS 4.1 on latest basebands.

Stay tuned to this blog for more news and information ( tutorial and downloads ) about Limesnow.

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