Listen YouTube Audio Even iPhone is Locked or App is Closed Using These Tricks

Google doesn’t allow us to listen only the audio if you are not watching the video on iPhone. As soon as you lock your iPhone or send the youtube app in the multitasking tray, the video and audio both will stop. This might be really irritating for some users who want to listen only the audio like in case of interviews.

YouTube Capture-iPhone 5

Here are few solutions you can use to bypass this restriction.

1) Share and Message Trick:

When the video is playing on official YouTube app, simply tap on Share button, one which is next to (+) sign. Now tap on Message. Once the compose screen is visible, lock your device and the audio will keep playing.

Play YouTube iOS audio

2) Using Website and Control Centre:

Open the desired video on the website version of YouTube in Safari browser. Now lock the device. Bring up the Control Centre and tap on Play. The audio will start streaming.

3) Using Website and Earphone. 

This trick is same as mentioned above. But in this case, you have to press the wired remote button to play the audio instead of using Control Centre.

4) Using Third-Party Apps:


There are also few third party apps available in the app store which let you listen the audio part like Jasmine YouTube client. After playing the video in this app, lock your device. Now press the home button and audio control will appear on the screen. Tap on play and the audio will start streaming.

If you know any other trick to play YouTube Audio without watching the video, share with our readers.

We have got reports that Google is also working to include this feature in the native YouTube client. Few other reports indicate that this option will be subscription based. Lets see what Google has got for us in the next version.

via cNet

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