SF Weekly Contradicts Last Statement: San Francisco Police did Assist Apple Employees For Lost iPhone 5 Prototype Search

Again and again, news and rumors are coming out of the bag about the lost prototype iPhone 5. First, CNET exclusively revealed that Apple lost a prototype iPhone in a San Francisco Bar, Cava  22 and San Francisco Police officers assisted Apple in search for it.


Then the San Francisco Weekly reported that their was no lost iPhone prototype, or no investigation done by the police as no records existed of the investigations of the San Francisco Police and all this was a bluff.

And now, San Francisco Weekly (contradicting its last statement) reported that Apple did loose an iPhone prototype and even the investigations were done by the San Francisco Police. They said that

Contradicting past statements that no records exist of police involvement in the search for the lost prototype, San Francisco Police Department spokesman Lt. Troy Dangerfield now tells SF Weekly that “three or four” SFPD officers accompanied two Apple security officials in an unusual search of a Bernal Heights man’s home.

So, the four police officers(in plainclothes) did accompany Apple employees to the house of Sergio Calderónin Bernal Heights. And while these officers waited outside, only two Apple employees entered and searched the whole house to no good results.

Have a look at Bernal Heights from a hill.


San Francisco Police Department spokesman Lt. Troy Dangerfield now says

Apple came to us saying that they were looking for a lost item, and some plainclothes officers responded out to the house with them. My understanding is that they stood outside. They just assisted Apple to the address.”

SF weekly says that this incident was not recorded in the normal procedure due to some reasons which are still unknown. So still, CNET is going good while the SF Weekly seems to be going downhill.

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