Mac OS X Lion USB Flash Drives Now Available For 69.99$

Apple made a bold move when they decided that upon the launch of their new operating system the Mac OS X Lion, they would only make it available as a digital download via their online store, the Mac Appstore. The move was intune with Apple’s philosophy of reduced dependence on physical media and making the Mac Appstore a one stop shop for all your Mac related needs. Although the move was received with both encouraging and hesitant reactions.

Apple trimmed their costs by doing away with physical media such as cd’s and disk drives and the hassles of packaging and delivering by limiting the Mac OS X release as a download only version. All that has to be done now to set up  OS X Lion is to purchase and  download the 4 Gb executable file of the Mac OS X and launch it to set it up on your Mac. However there are some major drawbacks. As this is not a bootable medium users would have to face problem incase they ever have to reinstall their operating system or have problems with the recovery tools. Another hindrace would be for those who lack access to a high speed internet connection to download the relatively large file size of the Mac OS X Lion.

Apple was probably aware of this fact thats why they made aware that a bootable USB version of the Mac OS X Lion would be made available sometime around August for a price of 69$. Now according to an internal memo obained by 9to5mac, these USB Drives containing Mac OS X lion are available to purchase

There is ambuigity however regarding the availability of the drives as they are not listed on the Apple website and are only available via Applecare. Some reports also suggest that these are actually recovery tools and not the actual drives that Apple promised to make available to us. Regardless if you are having problems with your installation of the Mac OS X Lion, we advise you to contact Applecare and request for assistance.

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