How to Manage Conference Call on iPhone iOS 7

How to Make Conference Call on iPhone iOS 7

If you are new to iPhone or recently updated your device to the latest iOS 7 version and you don’t know how to handle the conference call feature in it, here are the steps and tips to manage the conference call on your phone.

The whole process is same as you have been doing in the previous version. The only change you’ll notice is the appearance, as Apple has given a minimalistic look to the new version for iPhone.

If you want to record the whole conversation directly on your Mac computer without using any third party app or hardware accessory, please read the very simple guide to record any phone call on Mac.

How to Make Conference Call on iPhone iOS 7

How to Make Conference Call:

Step 1: First of all make a regular call to a user, either by entering the number in the dialer app or by choosing the contact from Contacts app.

Step 2: After the call has been connected successfully, tell the person to hold on so that you can connect to the second user. For this purpose, tap on “add call (+)” on phone dialer and use the step 1 to make the second call.

add call

Step 3: Once the call is connected, simply tap on “merge calls”. Until you haven’t merged the two existing calls, you won’t see the “add call” option to add another caller to the conference and you’ll also see “swap” button active. Swap option allows the users to talk to the first person while keeping the second one on hold. Once “merge calls” is pressed, you can talk to two people at the same time. Similarly, you can add five more people to the conference call normally or consult your carrier to know how many persons can be added in a conference call.

merge calls

How to Talk to A Person Privately in Conference Call:

If you want to talk to a person in private so that other callers don’t listen to what you are talking about, you can go in private mode. In this mode, all others users will be on hold until you press the “merge calls” option again.

Step 1: Tap on slightly blue exclamation mark rounded in the circle next to connected callers on phone dialer to expose the hidden options.

expose hidden options

Step 2: You’ll see the “Private” option. Click on this option next to that person you want to talk to privately.

talk privately iOS 7

Step 3: When you have finished the conversation, tap on “Merge calls” again to go back to conference mode.

How to Drop One Person from Conference Call:

If you want to remove a person from the conference call, follow the same steps as mentioned right above. But this time tap on red “End” button next to the caller you want to drop out of the conversation.

end user in conference

How to Add Incoming Call to Conference Call:

If you can also add the incoming call to the conference as well. When the call is coming, select “Hold + Answer” and then choose the “Merge Calls” option.

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