Make FaceTime Video Call without Making Voice Call with FaceNow

FaceNow is a new little and free app available via iTunes that lets you to enable the FaceTime call without navigating through the menus and/or making the voice call first.

All the app does is gives you access to your address book and lets you choose the contact for you to begin the FaceTime call.

FaceNow is a very simple app. You open it up, add a contact from your address book, and you’re ready to go. When you want to make a FaceTime video call, just click their name and the app will bypass all the usual steps and take you straight to the video connection.

Download FaceNow:

FaceNow is free to download and install on your FaceTime enabled iPhone 4. Just click this link to get the app from iTunes. It is one of must-have apps for those who make frequent FaceTime calls.

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