MeeGo 1.0.1 Update for Netbooks with Many Bug Fixes

Here comes another update for Netbooks which are running on MeeGo operating system. MeeGo 1.0 was released on May 25th but it contains a lot of bugs. In this new meego 1.0.1 version over 100 bugs are fixed and it is recommended for all users to install it as soon as possible for better performance.

The update brings general performance improvement and enhances compatibility and security of your device.

The important changes in MeeGo 1.0.1 are:

  • Updated to the kernel
  • Faster usb storage finding time down from 5 seconds to 1
  • Improved 3D performance
  • Many enhancements in the web browser
  • Resolution for several email client issues
  • Enhanced netbook window manager
  • Greatly enhanced visuals
  • Full support for GNOME proxy configuration in the media player
  • More control over DNS settings

How to Update the Netbook to MeeGo 1.0.1:

If you have already installed the MeeGo version 1.0, you will get  a notification that new update is available. Click on the notification and follow the instructions for successful update. Make it sure that you have a constant internet connection.

However, if you don’t receive such notification, you can check the availability of update manually. For this, open Applications -> System Tools ->  and Update System.

News For Smartphones:

Nokia is already working for MeeGo based smartphones and it is being expected that N9 or N90 will be the first MeeGo based phone. Though N900, a maemo based phone, can support MeeGo OS but the Finish company has already made it clear that MeeGo (full version) will be not released for N900 officially.

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