MeeGo 1.0 Released for Netbooks and Nokia N900

We were anticipating it and finally new stable version of MeeGo v1.0 has been released for netbooks and Nokia N900. Basically this release is meant for developers and netbooks. But Nokia has already made it clear that they are not going to release a full scale commercial upgrade for N900.

However it does not mean that you can not run MeeGo on Nokia N900. N900 is being used for testing and development of MeeGo 1.o and hopefully an abridged version or unofficial version will be available for N900 soon.

This release also includes the latest development platform Qt 4.6 (Read here to learn what is Qt) that makes this OS more flexible and attractive.

[Videos] Watch MeeGo 1.o running on different devices

What is New in MeeGo 1.0?

From user perspective the following importance changes have been made in this release of MeeGo:

  • Visually rich Netbook user experience, building on the latest open source technologies.
  • Instant access to your synchronized calendar, tasks, appointments, recently used files and real-time social networking updates through the home screen.
  • Aggregation of your social networking content. This allows you to see your social networking activities on one screen, easily interact with your friends, and update your status and site information.
  • For a fast and rich Internet experience the MeeGo Netbook user experience integrates Google Chrome or, if you prefer a fully open source browser solution, Google Chromium is also provided. Soon we will be releasing the MeeGo Handset user experience which will use the Fennec Mozilla Browser.
  • Easy to use applications for email, calendar and media player.
  • Highly optimized for power and performance.
  • Languages: Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Swedish, Polish, Finnish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, English, British English

MeeGo will release further updates on a six month cadence. The next version 1.1 will be released in October and it will support touch based devices like handsets, netbooks etc.

Download MeeGo 1.o:

For netbooks MeeGo 1.o can be download here and if you want to use it on Nokia N900, get it from this link.

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