MeeGo 1.1 Release Plan is Here: You can download early Builds


Last month i.e., in May a stable version MeeGo 1.0 was released espcially for Netbooks and  developers to develop the games and apps etc. Though Nokia is not going to release a full scale commercial version of MeeGo for N900, but we are looking forward for an abridged version. Here we have got the future release plans of upcoming MeeGo 1.1.

According to this plan the final and public version of MeeGo 1.1 will be released in October for Netbooks, Core, and handsets. If you are developer, you can download the early builds for testing purpose.

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MeeGo 1.1 Release Plan

Iteration Dates MeeGo release focus Status
Tasks 2010-05-06–2010-05-12 Trunk opened for 1.1 development 2010-05-13–2010-05-19 Released
Download 2010-05-20–2010-05-26 Released
Download 2010-05-27–2010-06-02 Released
Download 2010-06-03–2010-06-09 Released
Download 2010-06-10–2010-06-16
Due to critical problems in kernel release was delayed for one day Released
Download 2010-06-18–2010-06-23 Details 2010-06-24–2010-06-30 Alpha: Most intrusive changes delivered. Normal feature development continues Details 2010-07-01–2010-07-07 Details 2010-07-08–2010-07-14 Details 2010-07-15–2010-07-21 Details 2010-07-22–2010-07-28 Details 2010-07-29–2010-08-04 Details 2010-08-05–2010-08-11 Details 2010-08-12–2010-08-18 Details 2010-08-19–2010-08-25 Beta: Feature freeze, Bugfixing for most of features, Possibility to integrate features that are late Details 2010-08-26–2010-09-01 Details 2010-09-02–2010-09-08 Details 2010-09-09–2010-09-15 Details 2010-09-16–2010-09-22 Details 2010-09-23–2010-09-29 Details 2010-09-30–2010-10-06 Gamma: MeeGo 1.1 Release candidate 1: Branching for release critical bugfixes only (trunk re-opens for 1.2). Details 2010-10-07–2010-10-13 MeeGo 1.1 Release candidate 2 (preparation of marketing materials) Details 2010-10-14–2010-10-20 RTM: MeeGo 1.1 Release candidate 3 (release to marketing, prepare final announces) Details 2010-10-21–2010-10-27 GA, RTW: MeeGo 1.1 Release for Core, Netbooks, Handsets, … (General availability, release to web) Details


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