Metroon Theme Gives Windows 8 Look To Your iOS UI

Metroon iPhone Theme

One of missing features in iOS is that it doesn’t allow the users to customize the look and general user interface of the operating system. The only thing we can change is the wallpaper, both on homescreen and on lockscreen. This is the main reason many people jailbreak their devices to enjoy a variety of customization options available in Cydia store. With the tweaks and themes in Cydia one can change the every aspect of the iOS.

Metroon iPhone Theme

Metroon is kinda new theme which gives Windows 8 look to iOS on your iPhone and iPod Touch. After installing this theme you feel as if you are actually running windows 8 on your iPhone. It includes dynamic pin/unpin system and the active titles. Just have a look of these screenshot to see how beautiful you iPhone looks with Metroon theme.

Windows 8 on iPhone

When you press the “Desktop” tile, you go to original iOS interface and by pressing the Home button you come back to Windows 8. You can also flick any tile to see the options available under it. When you swipe on to the screen from the right side, you get charm menu which includes “Search”, “Settings” and “Start” options. You can also change the username anytime. To get the list of all installed apps and games on your iPhone, press anywhere on the main screen.

Windows 8 Theme on iPhone

You can get this theme from Cydia store after jailbreaking your device which is priced at $1.50.

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