Microsoft Windows 8 RTM Phase To Begin In April 2012

It has been learnt that the upcoming version of Microsoft’s signature operating system, Windows 8 will enter the RTM phase in April 2012. RTM is short for release to manufacturing, and if it really is going to begin in April 2012, a summer release of Windows 8 could be possible.

Windows 8

The source of this news, has usually been correct in all of their claims when it specifically comes to Microsoft and its products. So according to the claim, its possible that Microsoft release just one beta of Windows 8 as late as September 2011 and after that, a RC build of Windows 8 will be released following which the operating system will finally enter RTM phase, presumably in April 2012.

Last year, Microsoft revealed that it would releaseĀ Windows 8 in 2012. Now with the claim that RTM phase will begin in April 2012, Microsoft’s expected Windows 8 release timeframe can very easily be met. On the other hand, various betas of Windows 8 have already been leaked on the internet. While exact specifics of all the features of Windows 8 have not been known up till now, we’ve seen in the betas that Microsoft has greatly revamped the UI and is likely to introduce a Metro UI, the exact same which is found in Windows Phone 7 devices.

It was also previously said by the company that Windows 8 will have enhanced capability for tablets, and that Windows 8 will be optimized to work on ARM based processors. Looks like Microsoft is really serious about Windows 8, let’s see what the Redmonds have in store for us next.


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