MiTime v1.3 is Out to Support iOS 4.1

pushfix has rolled out a new version 1.3 of MiTime to bring the support for iOS 4.1. MiTime is an app available on Cydia Store that enables Facetime on unsupported carriers.

Previous MiTime versions didn’t support iOS 4.1 because there was no jailbreak available for this iOS 4.1. But after Geohot released its lifetime Limera1n, now MiTime can also be used on latest iOS release.

MiTime requires a jailbroken iPhone, so head over to this post for complete instructions how to jailbreak your idevice with Limera1n.

MiTime is a product for activating FaceTime® on phones that are operating on unofficial carriers. It should work worldwide and will use two SMS messages to activate. You must be able to receive an international SMS message to get activated.

Note: It is very important that you must activate and sync your iPhone before running Limera1n if you want to use FaceTime (through MiTime or not) because Limera1n also hacktivates the device.

Activating FaceTime® with MiTime will require the following:

  • You MUST NOT have activated with a phonebook SIM! If you have, you will not be able to activate FaceTime®.
  • Your phone can send & receive international SMS (texts) (US customers: only international *receive* is necessary)
  • Some users with prepaid plans require a certain amount of money in their account before they can receive international texts.
  • A jailbroken iPhone® 4.

For more details visit the official page of MiTime. You might also like to read these posts:

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