Mobile IE in Windows Phone 7 will get Updates Independently of Firmware Updates

As we are expecting the release of Windows Phone 7 in the fourth quarter, more and more info is emerging about this new mobile operating system.

Earlier we got the news that Windows Phone 7 does not support the existing windows phone apps and games, but this time a good news is here.

The browser in WP 7 is reported based on IE 7 and little on IE 8 and you will be able to update the browser independently of WP 7 firmware updates.

This new feature of WP 7 revealed when a member of IE for Windows Phone Team replied to a comment on the weblog.

Tom Stack asked in the comments:

Will the browser in Windows 7 get more updates more frequently than only with full firmware updates?

And here is the reply to this question:

Hi Tom,

Yes, we are building in the ability to update the browser independently of firmware.


Can we expect that other apps and features will be upgradeable independently of  whole WP 7 update?

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