MobileNotifier Beta 5 Released! Brings New MobileReply Feature

MobileNotifier has always been one tweak that has put stock iOS push notifications to shame. There has been widespread criticism regarding the notification system of iOS and MobileNotifier, a jailbreak tweak has, to an extent, fixed some of the concerns. Now, beta 5 of MobileNotifier has been released, and it looks amazing like never before.

The developer of MobileNotifier has said that beta 5 looks similar to what the final version of MobileNotifier is going to be. However, Peter Hajas has resigned from the development team.

Apart from bringing a clear Dashboard, polished UI and lots of bug fixes, MobileNotifier beta 5 brings a new feature called MobileReply. Using MobileReply, you will be able to reply to notifications such as sms messages straight from the Dashboard, without having to open the particular app for that notification.

MobileNotifier is available as a free download from the following repository:

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3 Replies

  1. Anonymoussays:

    Awesome, I test it and it work well !

    1. Thanks for confirming that MobileNotifier beta 5 works for you.

  2. Anonymoussays:

    I hope this feature support reply for Whatsapp !

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