MuscleNerd to Release 06.15 iPad Downgrade for iPhone 3GS Users Today

After a long time MuscleNerd brings a ray of hope for iPhone 3GS users who are stuck at iPad baseband 06.15. According to a tweet from MuscleNerd this Sunday is going to be a Funday for all those users. The utility to downgrade 06.15 baseband will be released in next version of Redsn0w as a new option.

Now the question is what’s the benefit of this downgrade process. Well, the users who updated the baseband of their iPhone 3GS phones to iPad baseband in order to get the unlock at that time have also lost the true GPS location services on their devices. This downgrade function will allow them to install the original iPhone 3GS baseband and then unlock the device with Ultrasnow without breaking the GPS location code.

06.15 downgrade with redsnow

Sunday should be a Funday for those waiting for 06.15 BB downgrade! (“Sunday”==PDT, i.e UTC-7). Blog will have details before release :)

Redsnow with iPad 06.12 downgrade option will be released within next 15 hours, while right now the time is exactly 17:00 GMT here. To be sure you can actually use the downgrade feature of next redsnow, check that your PC can launch the latest version of Redsn0w without library problem.

We will provide the direct download link and the complete how-to guides when the new redsnow with iPad baseband downgrade option is released. Meanwhile you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ to get the latest updates without visiting our site.

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