MyGlass v3.3.0 Brings Android Phone Notifications to Google Glass

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The much awaited feature which was to get the android smartphone notifications on Google Glass is finally included in the newest MyGlass v3.3.0 firmware. In the previous versions this feature was not present and Google Glass owners could get the notifications from only select apps. Now the restriction has been removed.

You can now see all the notifications coming to your android phone on the Glass, whether it’s WhatsApp message, an email, Facebook Like and even battery status etc.

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How Notification Sync on Glass Works?

The working principle is same as in Google Wear. If you have used Android Watch then it is very easy to understand how the things work. After pairing your both devices by following the steps as shown in the embedded video, you get Notifications on Google Glass and you won’t need to bring  out your smartphone from your pocket. In fact when you’ll hear the notification sound, you can simply see the notification in your Google Glass while enjoying the moment.

Set up Notification Sync on Google Glass - YouTube

Today we’re launching Notification Sync on Glass, which means you can see your Android phone app notifications at a glance. You may have already seen this with Android Wear, but now when you put Glass on, you can get the information you need when you need it—all without taking your phone out of your pocket.

Though the more details are yet not revealed, but we think Notification Sync feature would be very simple and it won’t bring any advanced options like dismissing the Notifications or replying the Notifications or making them read etc. Few simple actions could be added in the upcoming versions, but at this moment even this simple feature is a blessing.

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When We Will Get it??

Google has started rolling out MyGlass v3.3.0 to Google Glass users from today. If you don’t see the update, just wait. It might take some time to reach at your end due to time difference. Hopefully, in the next few hours the update would be available for everyone.

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