MyGreatFest – The First Jailbreak Convention, Roundup Of All The Important Events

You must’ve read about the first jailbreaking convention in the whole word, MyGreatFest, which was held yesterday (Saturday) in London. The Chronic Dev Team, was there and gave outstanding presentations about the jailbreaking field and many other projects they were working on. These presentations help in understanding a lot about jailbreaks for iOS dominated devices. We have made a collection of the main presentations and the projects discussed in this convention, so you are not missed out on anything.

MyGreatFestLets start with the first great presentation by Aaron Ash.

The Developer Of MultiflOw And Barrel – Aaron Ash

Aaron Ash, who is a iOS jailbreaker and hacker as well as the developer of two great tweaks, MultiflOW and Barrel, banged in the convention with a great presentation briefing about the reason of his jailbreaking interest and the history of some of his popular tweaks.

Aaron AshThe main focus, he put on in his presentation was about the making of a tweak and the process of getting it to completion. He said, that an average tweak took only a month, but the main difficulty was in learning how to code it.

He also briefed about his tweak, “Multiflow”, and notified the audience that no offer by Apple for a job or something had approached him.

Ash ended his presentation by telling the MyGreatFest attendees that the tweak that he had been working on, which would allow multiple iPhone apps to be run on an iPad was still not completed. This project was previewed at the beginning of the year and dubbed as “Polyonix”.

iOS 5 Jailbreak

iOS 5

iOPk and posixninja gave a talk on the jailbreak which the Chronic Dev has been working on lately for the iOS 5.


iDroid Project – The Android Into iOS Merger

The team then briefed about a challenging project they were working on, iDroid. For those who don’t know, iDroid is a project, that will allow Android to run on iDevices.


Though, many emulators like things have been developed to run some features of Android on iOS running devices, but the iDroid Project will fully emulate or port the Android on iDevices.

The coolest thing about this project will be the use of both OSs, iOS and Android at the same time, making the iDevice run a kind of dual OS.

But as usual with the projects of the Chronic Dev, this project or a kind of app when it is developed, will require a jailbroken iDevice(which is not much difficult these days).

iPod Nano Hacker – James Whelton

James Whelton, famous for hacking iPod Nano, then gave a speech about the time when he first hacked the 6th gen iPod Nano in his college days.

JwheltonHe also told the jailbreaking community about his plans for jailbreaking in the future.

Saurik – The Father Of Cydia

Jay Freeman, more commonly known as Saurik, ended the convention with a brief one hour talk about the main aims of jailbreaking, and his plans to improve Cydia.

SaurikAlso have a look at the main stars of the jailbreaking community grouped together.

The Whole TeamIt looks like, these conventions are pretty useful in founding and discussing about the exploits for jailbreaking, new projects and tweaks, and keeping the jailbreaking community updated. Posixninja also delighted the audience with the news of five new exploits for iOS 5 in iPad 2 and iPhone 5. We will be discussing them in our next post, so keep logged on.

Here is the video of MyGreatFest if you couldn’t watch the live stream:

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  1. i just wanna ask if i can jailbreak an iphone 5 coz ive heard to the dev team that it is not possible to jailbreak! tnx!

    1. iPhone 5 is yet to be released and nothing can be said before the actual release. And if you are talking about iOS 5 then only tethered jailbreak is available so far.

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