Nexus 5 to Get Android 4.4.1 Today, Here are the Changes

android 4.4.1

There were rumours about Android 4.4.1 circulating around the web recently, but many were reluctant to believe such rumours. Now it’s time to believe. Google has officially announced a new update which will be released today. The first device which will get it is Nexus 5.

android 4.4.1

This minor version is not meant to bring many new features. There might be few bug fixes, but the larger portion of it includes a better camera app. Google’s powered Nexus 5 sports one of the best camera when comparing it to other smartphones of the category. It already contains the latest features like HDR+ photos, burst shots in which the camera takes numerous shots within 1/3 seconds and then intelligently combines these photos to bring the best quality snap.

nexus 5 android 4.4.1 camera

Android 4.4.1 does a step further. It improves the camera with better focusing especially in the low light. Here are the official changes:


  • Faster focusing, especially in low-light
  • Faster white balancing
  • Ability to pinch-to-zoom on HDR+ mode
  • Less shutter lag

Supported Devices:

Right now only Google Nexus 5 is officially supported.

We hope Google and respective other companies like Samsung and HTC will also roll this new version for other android devices as well. If they don’t roll it out, we should expect android 4.4.1 camera port-out for non-supported devices soon.

So, keep checking the updates on your Nexus 5 and if you people find any new change in the latest version, please let our readers know using the comments section below.

Update: OTA update of Android 4.4.1 kitkat is now available. Just check the update on your Nexus 5 phone, or if you don’t find yet, you can get OTA update from this link.

via GooglePlus/Nexus

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