No Facebook Phone, but some Annoucements for Phones

At Facebook Innovation Event Mark Zuckerberg has made it clear that the company is not planning for any phone. However he announced some more features and updates for mobile users.

One of the big announcement among others is the single sing-in functionality. Once you are signed into your Facebook account on your phone, any other app using the Facebook API won’t ask the login details again.

Here is a quick list of announcements for mobiles:

Single Sign-On: This enables users already signed into Facebook on smartphones to sign in to other sites with a single click — without entering any new password information or even their Facebook credentials. For developers and users this removes “friction” from the mobile experience where a sign in is required to access the app’s content or functionality. Facebook says users have total control over the functionality and there are no new privacy implications. Users will simply be prompted to push a “Login with Facebook” button.

Facebook Places for iPhone: The iPhone app is being updated with some new features and includes Facebook Deals.

Groups for Mobile: Both on the iPhone and Android apps, Facebook now allows users to access the recently launched Facebook Groups.

Android App Upgraded: Facebook’s Android app has been upgraded in several ways and now includes Places. However it doesn’t include Deals yet. Deals will be accessible to Android users from the site.

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