Nokia C7 gets Leaked: X7, E7, N9 and S series are waiting to be leaked

Nokia C7

It really makes me funny when I see such leakages :) and here is another leakage from Nokia company and this time it is named Nokia C7. I will really appreciate that person who will catch that rat who is making holes in the companies like Apple, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, HTC etc.

Enough fun! A Chinese site has published some pictures of upcoming Nokia C7-00. C7 will be equipped with 8 megapixel camera, dual flash and 3.5″ capacitive touch screen. Though we don’t know the exact version of operating system C7 will be running on, definitely it will be symbian, but Symbian^3 edition is being expected because earlier versions don’t support capacitive technology.

  Nokia C7 gets Leaked: X7, E7, N9 and S series are waiting to be leaked

There are also rumors that it will be having face detection technology.

Auto-focus and 720p HD video capture features will be included in the final release, I believe.

Earlier Engadget posted a picture showing the new 16 models of Nokia. It seems that the house in this picture was built after the Nokia adopted new naming strategy for its mobiles ;)

  Nokia C7  X7, E7, N9 and S series

Nokia E7 will be targeted to business class, Nokia C7 will be mainstream phone and X7 will be an entertaining phone. All these phones will be symbian based phone if these are released.

Nokia N9 might be symbain^4 or symbian^3 phone but according to rumours N9 will get MeeGo.

Good luck Nokia !

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