NotiQuiet Tweak Disables Notification Alerts In Certain Apps

disable notification watching Youtube

New day with new Cydia tweak! NotiQuiet tweak prevents the Notification Centre from showing alerts in certain apps. After installing this tweak from Cydia store, a new set of options is added under From these options you can disable/enable NotiQuiet app any time. You can also choose the apps during which you don’t want to get the alerts.

Mute Notifications

This tweak is very handy in the situations where you don’t want to get distracted while using a specific app. Like you are watching a movie on your iPad but the alerts from Notification Center disturb you from time to time, you can enable NotiQuiet app to get rid of all these pop ups and sound till you are watching video. The important feature of this app is that it disables notifications only if the selected app is running in the foreground.

The other quality of this app which makes it more prominent from other such apps is that it doesn’t cause Notification Center to miss any alert. In fact it only quiets the notification. You can see all muted notifications still in the Notification Center.

disable notification watching Youtube

NotiQuiet is a free cydia tweak which you can download on any tethered or untethered jailbroken device.

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