Official Android 4.3 for Nexus and Galaxy Nexus is Now Available for Download

It seems Google is now moving towards the right direction by providing the instant access to the official download links for the recently released android 4.3. Who will be the early adopter? Definitely the Google branded devices holders will get the first chance to enjoy the new features in the latest update.

Of course Mountain View based company brought a lot of changes at the software level, providing more opportunities to the developers to use the latest technology enhancements like OpenGL ES 3.0 which will introduce new dimensions in the Games for multi-core powered devices. Besides these, there are also few interesting features for the general users.

Jelly Bean Android 4.3-1

Here Comes Multi-User with Restricted Profiles

After Windows introduced the multiuser concept in Windows 8, the other companies are also incorporating the similar type fuctions . Android 4.3 includes a powerful Settings panel to create the multiple users by giving the controlled access level to each one. This feature is going to be very handy in the situations where there are many users of the same device, or where the dad wants to hide some personal information from their kids.

Low Energy Bluetooth:


A new API is there in the new update which makes the bluetooth to operate by consuming very low level of energy. This is going to be a big relief for those who are heavy user of this technology. It will allow them to increase the battery time even the bluetooth toggle is permanently on ON position. Just watch this official video to learn more about it.

Download Android 4.3 Images Direct Links:

Without waiting for an over-the-air update notifications, the users of following devices can get the standalone files of the firmware and update their device to android 4.3.

Factory Images for Nexus Devices

The official website of android developers contains the factory images of all the supported models of smartphones and tablets.

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