Open Multiple Facebook, Twitter, Email and Other Accounts in One Browser Using Chrome Extension

Many websites are already offering switching from one account to another in the same browser with a simple UI, like Google allows us to manage multiple accounts at the same time. We can login and logout to any account with two to three clicks. But we can not be logged into the same website more than one.

multiple sign in

Sometimes we have to handle many profiles, like I manage my personal twitter handle as well as my site’s profile. I have to tweet and reply to tweets from both the profiles. Though for this purpose I mainly use TweetDeck, but sometimes it takes a lot of time especially if you are sharing a link from a website. In this case you really think there is somethink missing in the modern browsers.

Well, now you can open and manage multiple twitter, Facebook, emails and many other accounts in one browser. Now you don’t need to open another browser. All you have to do is to install a chrome extension from the store.

Chrome Web Store - Multi-Account Login at same time on any site


How to Install and Use it?

As I have told you that this extension is available for Chrome browser, so I don’t know whether this or similar to this one is also available for other browsers or not.

  • Step 1: Open Chrome store and search for “Multi-Account Login at same time on any site”. Or, you can click this link to go to this extension directly if you are already reading this post in Chrome.
  • Step 2: Click on Free as this add-on is still free. It will check the compatibility and ask you to add it.

Multi account login

  • Step 3: After it is installed, you will notice a new, small, green-coloured toolbar icon.


  • Step 4: Click on it and a new tab will open. Enter the address of any website in which you want to login using the credentials of another account.

Every time you’d click on the icon, the new tab will behave as if you never logged into any site. Manage as many accounts as you want at once in different tabs without opening any new browser.

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