Opera Mobile 10 for Nokia N900, N800 and N810

A public preview build of Opera Mobile 10 has been released for Maemo based devices like Nokia N900, N800 and Nokia N810.

This build is created by 6 man-team as a hobby and it has not yet passed the quality tests from Opera. So the release is deficient in many features but it is a sign that a stable version will be rolled out soon.

Opera Mobile 10 for Nokia N900 has got the same popular features of desktop or symbian opera like Opera Turbo, bookmarks and speed dials sync and multiple tabs.

This build has many issues to be resolved like:

  • Adobe Flash and other plugins are not supported.
  • Screen tearing may be visible when panning, especially in portrait mode. We expect to fix this in a future update.
  • The built-in on-screen keyboard is not supported. Use the physical keyboard or the on screen keyboard included with Opera Mobile.
  • There is no power management support. In practice this means that if you open a page with animations and leave Opera running, you will soon be using a payphone. Power is drained even when Opera is running in the background and/or the screen is turned off.
  • If you set Opera as the default browser, for example by installing the Browser Switchboard, an extra empty tab will get opened every time you open a link from an external application.

You can download and install this build on your maemo device until a stable and official version is released.

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