Ovi Calendar 1.6 Beta Comes out with Multiple Calendars


Nokia has updated its another service, though still in beta stage, which allows you to create and edit multiple calendars on the same site to organize the different colours of your life.


The important feature of Ovi Calendars is, as said above, that you can make a lot of calendars according to place like Home Calendar, Work calendar or according to people like family calendar, children calendar etc.

You can also create to-do lists and notes and associate them with the calendars or arrange them in a separate category.

The other great feature of this service is to share the calendars with your friends and family and synchronize with different devices.

How to Access Ovi Canlendars:

The service can be accessed from both mobile and web. Those mobiles which do not support HTML can only view the calendars, to-dos and notes by entering this address in the browsers: http://organiser.ovi.mobi.

You can view and edit your calendars through web and on those mobiles which support HTML language using this address: http://organiser.ovi.com.

More Details:

More details can be found on the official page of Ovi Contacts.

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