Own Voice for Ovi Maps: Create your own Guidance Instructions

Nokia’s Ovi Maps, which is free with walk and drive navigation, gets another interesting feature. Now you can create your own drive guidance instructions for Ovi Maps. The new Own Voice for Ovi Maps app lets users to create a voice pack and share with your friends on twitter and facebook.

How to Run non-iPad Apps in Full Screen on iPad

Though developers have already made hundreds of apps which run specifically on iPad, but you can also run non-ipad apps (iPhone and iPod Touch) on iPad by doubling the pixels. But there is one drawback. Even you double the size of the apps, you can not make them fill the whole screen of the iPad.

PR 1.2 Firmware Leaked for Nokia N900

A public release of new firmware for Nokia N900 (maemo) has been leaked by a Chinese website. When the link to this firmware was posted on maemo forums, it was considered unauthentic but soon the experienced users tested it and it was found to be a real thing.