Remove and Delete Electra Jailbreak without Updating and Restoring iPhone to Fresh iOS

The latest Rollectra Semirestore tool lets you remove the whole Electra jailbreak from iPhone while staying on the same iOS and without restoring iPhone to the fresh iOS version.

You have jailbroken your iPhone using Electra but now, due to any reason, want to remove it completely without restoring it to fresh and new iOS, here is a simple solution to this problem by using a jailbreak tweak called Rollectra. The pwn20wnd team has released an updated version of its SemiRestore11 tool to support the latest Electra jailbreak Continue reading

Install and Run Windows 95 as Program on Windows 10, MacOS and Linux

If you are still a big fan of the very first Window graphical version and want to run Win 95 on your existing, the most advanced, Windows 10, MacOS and Linux operating systems, as an executable program, then the easiest solution is available now. I know writing about a program which was released 23 years ago seems outdated but there… Continue reading

How to Get Answering Machine on iPhone to Replace Native Voicemail App (Cydia Tweak)

There are many cellular service providers which don’t provide voice mail or offer only a basic version of Voice Mail. If you are not satisfied with that and want to get an advanced version of the voicemail app, then don’t look back to your provider but install this ultimate Answering Machine app on your iPhone to replace the native voicemail… Continue reading

How to Forward SMS from iPhone to Another Contact

In the latest version of iOS, the forwarding of SMS, text messages and iMessage is somewhere hidden deep in the app functions. Now you’ll have to perform some extra taps to find the exact forward button on iPhone. After every big release of iOS, Apple also makes changes to the native apps. The same is the case with the messages… Continue reading

How to Record Phone Conversations on Mac Without any App

Do you want to record your phone calls and conversations on Mac without using any third-party software or applications? In this post, we are going to present a very simple solution to save all the phone calls on the Mac storage space. It is to be noted that this method is not limited to any specific phone model. Whether you… Continue reading

Use Electra to Jailbreak iOS 11.2 – iOS 11.3.1

If you remember, we had already predicted that Electra jailbreak was coming for iOS 11.2 – iOS 11.3.1 after the release of a working exploit by a Google’s developer. Finally, the time is over and the CoolStar team has released the semi-tethered jailbreak tool. In this post, we will share how we can use Electra 1131 to jailbreak iOS 11.2 Continue reading

Should We Wait for the Jailbreak or Update to iOS 12 ?

We all know Apple has announced the next big version, iOS 12, for the iDevices at WWDC 2018, and the first beta release has already been rolled out for the developers. It is now time for a common user to decide what he should do in the coming days regarding the new update. Though the beta releases are not meant… Continue reading

Jailbreak Exploit for iOS 11.3.1 Released by Google’s Ian Beer, Electra Integration Coming Soon

iOS 11 proved one of the toughest iOS version for the jailbreakers because no solid jailbreak was released for the said version at the appropriate time. The first public version of iOS 11 was released on September 19, 2017, and the first jailbreak, Electra, was made public on February 26, 2018, exactly after 160 days. The Electra jailbreak was not… Continue reading

Complete List of Hidden Features Found in iOS 12 (100+)

Apple’s new iOS 12 operating system for handheld devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch get an unveiling yesterday at the keynote event of the Worldwide Developers Conference. iOS 12 gets new features, system-wide enhancements, a more robust response by the applications, new emojis, bug fixes, stability changes and many other major and minor changes. Also read: Apple releases… Continue reading

Methods to Download, Install and Update Your iPhone to the Latest iOS 12 Beta

We all know Apple has announced iOS 12 for the compatible devices at WWDC 2018 with many new features, enhancements, security improvements, new apps and updates for the existing apps. The beta version of iOS 12 is already available for the developers through the Apple Developer Program. The first public beta will be released soon. Before going into the details… Continue reading

How to Enable / Disable DFU and Recovery Mode on iPhone X, iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus

If you are an owner of an iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, the process to enable DFU mode and Recovery mode on these devices is different from the older models. The main reason behind this difference is the absence of the Home button on these models. But you don’t need to worry or panic, the process is… Continue reading

How to Add Facebook Events and Birthday Entries to iPhone Calendar on iCloud

As we all know Facebook is one of the most popular social media. It is used by millions of users daily to share the information across the globe. After every few days, it is updated with new features and changes. One feature of which are interested in this article is events management. By using Events, one can follow, share and… Continue reading

How to Save Text Message in iCloud on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Storing messages and iMessages on iCloud was one of the most awaited features and finally, with the release of new iOS 11.4 update, it is now possible to save all our conversations to iCloud, including texts, photos, and other attachments. The new software update brings the messages synchronization on iCloud in two ways. Firstly, whenever you sign in… Continue reading